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9 Real-Life Love Stories That Are Better Than The Movies

Maybe you’ve had your heart broken one too many times, and you think it’s easier to be a cynic. And every time you watch a fairytale moment in a movie, all you want to do is gag.

But you know what? True love exists!

1. Remember crying during ‘Up’ when Mr. Fredrickson still talked to Ellie every day, even after she died?

This woman’s husband passed away, but she still has lunch with him each afternoon.

2. You know the part in ‘The Notebook’ when Allie suddenly remembered her husband, Noah, and it seemed a bit impossible?

This man with Alzheimer’s couldn’t remember his children, his home or anything else. But whenever he saw the woman he married, he’d say “Look at my beautiful wife!”

3. Remember how ‘The Notebook’ ends with Allie and Noah dying hand-in-hand? You probably bawled but thought it was too far-fetched.

Helen and Les Brown had the same birthday, were married for 75 years, and died one day a part.


4. You know how in ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet for the first time at the top of the Empire State Building, and it’s perfect?

This moment is way better.

5. Remember how, in ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ Melanie and Jake fell in love as kids?

These two met when they were 3 years old.

6. And you know how they show all those old happy couples in ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ and you’re like, does that even happen IRL?!

It does.

“He just stood there with her to make sure she was alright.”

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