About Us

Something from the creator:

We all had those times when we feel lonely and looking for that someone special to love. Sometimes we find our lucky star quickly and sometimes we have to wait a little longer to find that special one.

Some of us are good at talking to females and some not at all. So I created this site to help the people who are having trouble getting the love of their lives. From the introvert to the extrovert. There is someone special for each and every one of us.

Whether it is getting closer to someone special, making moves on your crush, making your love have the best sex of their lives or if you are looking to achieve that perfect connection with that special one, we have something for you.

I remember when I was shy and could not even mustard up a word to that special person, I wished I had all these valuable resources at my finger tips. I would had been the dream of every women in the world. Lol.

But now, you have all these resources at your finger tips. We have resources that will help you achieve your goal of LOVE, both women and men. We hope you find these valuable resources helpful in your quest for LOVE.

Thank you for allowing us to help you find love or continue in your quest for deeper connection with your significant other.

Yours truly,

Bill Furgurson
DSFU – Creator